Monday, April 2, 2018

SRI LANKA ~ Monkeys - Relaxing Time ~

... A bunch of playful monkeys... troops of monkeys are a common sight on the island and from the days of the Monkey King Hanuman who is believed to have come from India to Sri Lanka in search of Sita in the popular epic Ramayana, these animals have been a part of its people for generations blending in with their culture and history... with as always an interesting selection of stamps... Thanks a lot Ravindra!✿◕ ‿ ◕✿
© Lasantha Lakmal
Sri Lanka has the greatest diversity of primates in South Asia. The island takes up only 1,5 % of the land area of South Asia countries where primates live. Still the island is home to 30% of all primates in South Asia with 13 or 14 subspecies.

The langurs are believed to be the descendants of the fire-wielding monkey god Hanuman, and are often treated as sacred beings. Hanuman langurs can be found across the Indian subcontinent, in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan.


Moonstones, Guardstones & Balustrades
(Issued 12-12-2012)

World Kidney Day
Issued 08-03-2018)

National Independence Day
(Issued 04-02-2018)

Sustainable Energy for All
(Issued 20-03-2012)

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