Thursday, January 25, 2018

ITALY ~ Circeo National park ~

... Plenty of lovely typical views of another great Italian National Park... one of the smallest of the 24 national parks in the country (and my nr 8ツ)... a great variety of unique landscapes in a very small place... there is a salted lake (Lago di Paola), a long wide sand beach with dunes, natural swimming pools, cliffs, mountain ( Monte Circeo) and a forest called Selva di Terracina.....a wonderful place for nature lovers... Thanks so much dear Gian Luca and Raffaella!! (✿ ♥‿♥)
Circeo National Park includes about 8.300 hectares of land and  was established in 1934. The park  occupies a strip of coastal land from Anzio to Terracina, including also a sector of forest in the mainland of San Felice Circeo, and some of the Pontine Islands. Also Mount Circeo is today is part of it.

Cape Circeo is connected with the legend of Circe. It got its name from the mythological sorceress "Circe", who captured Ulysses on his return from the Trojan War, as described in Homer's Odyssey.

The area where Monte Circeo is located has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It was back in 1939 when an archaeologist who was studying the Guattari Cave came across a skull which belonged to a Neanderthal, it  can be seen in a museum located in San Felice Circeo.


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