Friday, January 19, 2018

CANADA ~ Canmore - Canadian Rockies - Alberta ~

... A great town view surrounded on all sides by the spectacular and often snow covered Canadian Rocky Mountains  (you see the Tree Sisters Mountains on the left)...  there are a range of activities, hikes, golf, dog sled, snowshoe, spa, tours and museums to explore in and around Canmore... the idea that it is only a 80km drive to see one of the world's most breathtaking scenery for real must be awesome... you are so lucky Glenn... Thanks a lot!!【ツ】 ➞Gem's World Postcards
Photo: ⒸLen Grant

Canmore is a town in Alberta located in the Bow Valley within Alberta's Rockies and  shares a border with Kananaskis Country.

Canmore was established in 1883 as a hard-working coal mining town servicing Canadian Pacific Railway trains. The community thrived as a mining town due to the rich coal seams that dominate the eastern ranges of the Canadian Rockies until the last of the coal mines shut down in 1979.

The name "Canmore" came from Malcolm of Canmore, King of Scotland from 1057 to 1093. The town was named in his honor. Canmore translated actually means "big head".


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