Wednesday, January 17, 2018

ANTIGUA and BARBUDA ~ The Devil's Bridge - Devil's Bridge National Park ~

... A small reminderツ... after MartiniqueSt Kitts & Nevis, Bahamas, Barbados, Dominican RepublicFlorida and St Lucia I got once more a Caribbean beauty... an impressing  "bridge" view created by the force of nature...  one of the sights to see in Antigua and a great new National Park postcard... dear Glenn, I don't need to write to Santa... I have you!! (>‿♥)... the bridge is said to have gotten its name from the slaves from nearby plantations who leaped to their deaths during Antigua’s slavery period... it was soon said that the Devil must be present there... the limestone formation is often slippery because of the waves and it is advised people do not walk across the bridge... Thanks a million Glenn !!¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
ⒸPhoto by Bob Reardon

Composed of limestone rock, the rugged terrain of Devil’s Bridge is the result of millions of years of ancient reef formation. For hundreds of thousands of years, the Atlantic’s waves have crashed into the east coast of Antigua creating a natural arch, or bridge. Numerous geysers and blowholes surround the arch as waves continually break against the coastal rocks.

Devil's Bridge National Park is located on a headland on the eastern end of the land. The area was legally constituted as a National Park in the 1950's.


(Issued 01-10-2007)


  1. Gerda,
    Glad to see the Antigua card has arrived, I just about had given up on it. It's amazing - where has it been for 2 months. I posted it on Nov 11, 2017 and it gets a Jan 9, 2018 postmark. The actual enroute time is good, just 8 or 9 days, but the time it laid in the post office is not so good. Oh well, as long as it arrived is what counts.
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    1. Hi Glenn,
      I'm so glad it arrived safely... it was worth the wait ツ