Wednesday, November 29, 2017

GERMANY ~ Martin Luther - Reformation Jubilee 2017 ~

... Great interesting postcard with one Martin Luther's influential quotes... Germany is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the start of the Protestant Reformation... Martin Luther started one of the biggest changes in all of history called the Reformation against the Catholic Church... laying some of the groundwork for protestant theology and forming the Lutheran tradition... his religious, political, social and cultural affects gained historical importance globally... with matching stamp and beautiful special Wittenberg postmark...Thanks so much Dustin!!❁◕ ‿ ◕❁

"If I would know that the World ends tomorrow
I would still plant a small apple tree today."
Design: Theresa Meixner - Photo: Juliya Shangarey

Martin Luther ( 1483 - 1546) was a German professor of theology, priest, composer, monk and a influential figure in the Protestant Reformation. Luther decided to become a monk, joining a Augustinian monastery in 1505. He made this decision as his life was spared when he was riding a horse during a violent thunderstorm. In 1514 Luther became priest for Wittenberg's City Church.

Martin Luther began to reject the principles of the established Roman Catholic Church. In October 1517, he nailed a paper containing 95 statements to the door of a church in Wittenberg.

He died aged 62, in Eisleben, the city of his birth. He was buried in the Castle Church in Wittenberg, beneath the pulpit.


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(Issued 08-06-2017)

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(Issued 13-04-2017)

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