Thursday, November 30, 2017

BANGLADESH ~The Rajoshik - Ruposhi Bangla Hotel - Dhaka ~

... Great postcard of one of the least traveled destinations in the world... sculpture showing a traditional horse cart near the five star hotel Ruposhi Bangla... transportation which is part of the culture of Bangladesh....popularly known as tomtom... but the owners of these centuries-old horse-drawn carriages, are now struggling to survive due to competition with three-wheelers and cycle-rickshaws... Thanks a lot Foysal!!【ツ】
Dhaka (or Dacca) is the capital and largest city in the country located on the banks of the Buriganga River, near the Ganges Delta. The capital is the industrial, commercial, and administrative center of Bangladesh, with trade in jute, rice, oil seeds, sugar, and tea.

Ruposhi Bangla Hotel formerly known as Dhaka Sheraton Hotel is the first renowned international five-star hotel in Bangladesh, The hotel is located three kilometers from the downtown business district and near Dhaka’s most famous Ramna Park and National Museum.


Bangladesh new year
(Issued ???- 2017)

The 80th Anniversary of Rotary in Bangladesh (Issued 08-05-2017)

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