Tuesday, October 31, 2017

INDIA ~ The Clipper Butterfly - Hikkim ~

... First of two really fantastic postcards... beautiful butterfly view... a large wingspan of around 10cm makes them strong fliers and gliders... they are mostly blue-green in color in the sub-continent of India... with great selection of stamps postmarked at the highest post office "Hikkim" in the world... Thanks a lot Dwai!!【ツ】
Photo: Praveen G Nair

The Clipper (Parthenos sylvia) is a species of nymphalid butterfly found in South and South-East Asia, mostly in forested areas. It is a fast flying butterfly and has a habit of flying with its wings flapping stiffly between the horizontal position and a few degrees below the horizontal. It may glide between spurts of flapping.

The Clipper butterfly mostly feeds on the nectar of the flowers of Adenia plant and the caterpillars feed on the young leaves of the plant.


1&3 Nature - Drawing Competition
(Issued 25-01-2017)

250th Year of Survey of India
(Issued 22-06-2017)

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