Wednesday, July 12, 2017

TAIWAN ~ Guishan Island (Turtle Island) - Yilan ~

 ... Great view of a well-known sightseeing spot surrounded by sapphire blue ocean... Turtle Island is the only active volcano in Taiwan and the largest uninhabited island in Yilan County... with the growing popularity of dolphin and whale watching, the island has become a famous tourist attraction... in order to preserve the natural environment, the number of tourists is controlled... with beautiful special matching island postmark... Thanks Shang Hong!!【ツ】

Guishan, literally means Turtle Island also known as Kueishan Island,  is situated in the most northern water in Yilan County in the Pacific Ocean. The island  got its name because its shape resembles a turtle.

The island is 3.3 kilometers wide from east to west and 1.7 kilometers long, coming to a total area of 2.85 kilometers squared, with a total coastline of approximately 10 kilometers.

Even with its small size, there are steep cliffs, active hot springs, hills and peaks, erosion caves, lakes, cold springs, rare cliff vegetation and a rich ocean ecology.


Railway Bridges of Taiwan
(Issued 09-06-2017)

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