Monday, July 10, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Kudiramalai Point - Wilpattu National Park ~

... Great postcard from the "Unseen Sri Lanka" series... beautiful sunset of a place filled with unique landscapes located in the largest and oldest national park... this natural harbour opening into the Gulf of Mannar is most famed for its pearl fishing banks in the classical and medieval eras.... Thanks a lot Ravindra!! (✿ ♥‿♥) (but for me this is card nr11... I think one must be lost somewhere... I miss "Hummanaya Kudawella - Dikwella☹)

Kudiramalai also known as Horse Mountain is a cape and ancient port town located in North Western, Sri Lanka. It is recorded in the historical chronicle, Mahavamsa, as being the location where Prince Vijaya who set sail from India and landed in 543 B.C.

This national park  covers an area of approximately 1300 square kilometres.Wilpattu derives its name from an extensive complex of about sixty wetlands known as ‘Villu’ which is a feature not seen elsewhere in any of the other national parks in Sri Lanka. Villu’s are shallow natural lakes that fill with rainwater during the wet season and sustain wildlife during the dry months.


Kudiramalai Point
(Issued 02-12-2016)

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