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INDIA ~ Manas National Park - UNESCO ~

... Once more a great new National Park... the Golden Langur has been listed in the "World's 25 Most Endangered Primates" ☹... mostly due to habitat destruction... only a very few individuals survive in the wild... Manas is one of the rare national parks that is built across two countries, while one half lies in India and other half  in Bhutan... Thanks a lot Vinay!!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
photo: Yathin

From backside postcard:
Manas National Park, located in the Northeastern state of Assam on the border with Bhutan. It covers an area of 50.000 hectares in the plains of the Manas river in the foothills of the Himalayas.  The sanctuary is the habitat of 21 most threatened species of mammals, out of 55 mammals species in the sanctuary. The endangered species include Golden Lagur, tiger, pypmy hog, clouded leopard, sloth bear, Indian rhinoceros, wild buffaloes, Indian elephants and Bengal florican.

The langurs are named so for the striking golden colour of their coat. These animals form troupes of 8 to 50 individuals and are herbivorous and arboreal in nature.

It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Natural) in 1985 for its unique natural environment. The sanctuary is the habitat of 21 most threatened a national park in 1990.

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