Monday, March 13, 2017

GERMANY ~ Natural History Museum - Braunschweig ~

...First of two great surprise postcards...  it is the oldest natural museum in Germany... showing one of their famous "dioramas"...  wild boars covered in mud taking a mudbath... matching postcard, stamp and cancellation... it couldn't be better(>‿◠)✌... ➜Thanks a lot Dustin!!  (My postcard and stamp week)
Photo: G. Linhardt

The Naturhistorische Museum Braunschweig is a zoology museum and was founded in 1754 by Duke Carl I.

The scientific collections include 3,000 mammal specimens, 50,000 bird specimens, 10,300 bird eggs, 4,000 skulls and skeletons, 1,000 fish, amphibians and reptile specimens. Insects are represented by 80,000 Lepidoptera and 85,000 Coleoptera and there are 100,000 mollusca and 5,000 fossils.

The public displays include dioramas, an aquarium, and exhibitions of birds, mammals, insects and fossils.


Definitive Issue - Flowers
(Issued 11-07-2005)

Baby Animals
(Issued 01-03-2017)

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