Thursday, February 23, 2017

SRI LANKA ~ Brown-Headed Barbet ~

... A beautiful bird shot... although it is a small island its diversity of bird species is significantly high... this Barbet has a distinctive call, a repetitive kutroo-kutroo-kutroo... Thank you very much Ravindra for showing me once more the amazing wildlife of your island!! (✿ ♥‿♥)
Photo: Mohan Nath hathnapitiya

The brown-headed barbet is a resident breeder in the Indian subcontinent, widespread in India and also seen in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka where it is found in gardens and wooded country which eats fruit and insects.

This is a relatively large barbet measuring, on average, 27 cm in length.  It is a plump bird, with a short neck, large head and short tail. It has a large head and a short neck and short tail. The adult has a streaked brown head, neck and breast, with a yellow eye patch, the rest of the plumage is green. Males and females look alike.


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