Monday, February 20, 2017

ARMENIA ~ Geghard Monastery - UNESCO ~

... This will be my 4 breathtaking monastery view and once more a great new UNESCO site... Geghard Monastery is probably the most visited site in the country... set in a narrow gorge...Armenia has more than hundred Christian monasteries...  Thanks a lot Sini!!【ツ】
Photo: Levon Bakhshyan

Built up against a cliff face, the main cathedral was built in 1215. The monastery complex was founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator at the site of a sacred spring inside a cave. The complex is carved into the side of the mountain. It consists of several churches, tombs, a defense wall and carved out crosses (khatckars).

Geghard means 'spear' and is reputed to have once contained the spear which pierced the side of Christ on the cross; the spear now lies in the treasury at Echmiadzin.

Monastery of Geghard and the Upper Azat Valley was listed as a UNESCO WHS site in 2000.


UNESCO World Cultural Heritage - Armenian Cross-Stones
(Issued 12-12-2014)

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