Thursday, December 8, 2016

CUBA ~ Plymouth Car ~

...Once more a great Caribbean postcard... Cuba's streets are famous for their iconic American classics from the 1950's also used as local taxis...a step back into automotive time... Heel Erg Bedankt Jonas en Sarah! ツ

Plymouth was a brand of automobiles based in the United States, produced by the Chrysler Corporation and its successor Daimler Chrysler. The brand first appeared in 1923 in the US to compete in what was then described as the "low-priced" market segment dominated by Chevrolet and Ford.

The Plymouth was the high-volume seller for the automaker until the late 1990s. The brand was withdrawn from the marketplace in 2001. The Plymouth models that were produced up to then were either discontinued or rebranded as Chrysler.


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  1. Due to the economic embargo, people in Cuba found it almost impossible to import replacement parts for these cars, so there is a good chance that the Plymouth isn't using its original engine.