Saturday, December 10, 2016

BULGARIA ~ Vitosha National Park - Sofia ~

My postcard for this weekends theme "winter scenes" can always join here: Connections to the World! ツ

...I'm not a big fan of snow... but I must say on a postcard it looks gorgeous.... a winter wonderland ♥... Sofia is one of the unique capitals of Europe with a mountain... just a half-hour away from the city center.... a great place for skiing and snowboarding... with nice  postcrossing stamp...Thank you very much Marijana!! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Photo: © Boyko Kalev - Design: Vlado Prangov

In 1934  part of the mountain of 6,600 ha was declared a park. Its boundaries have been changed many times and today encompass the entire mountain of 27,079 ha area. Vitosha Nature Park is the oldest park on the Balkan Peninsula.

On the park’s territory 61 types of habitats were identified; among them of greatest interest as far as nature conservation goes are the natural spruce forests, the peat areas, the moraines and the caves.




  1. I'm with you, I far prefer my winters on postcards, rather than in real life! Vitosha sounds like a beautiful place to visit too!Thanks for posting your card and your stamp for us to see.

  2. Hi Helen, thank you for visitng! ツ

  3. Forests are magical under snow, looks as though it would be nice and crunchy underfoot. Love the postcrossing stamp.

  4. Hi Gerda, The card is beautiful and I like the way you include the image of the stamp. Nicely done! Your whole post reminds me of Mt Rainier which is about an hour drive from Seattle (my home). Mt Rainier National Park is similar to Vitosha Nature Park. I just discovered your page on National Parks Worldwide. What a great collection you have. Thanks for another neat addition to Postcards for the Weekend.

  5. I'm starting to think that yes, probably winter is better in postcards than in real life! This card is beautiful with the tall trees covered in frost. Thanks for linking up Gerda :D