Sunday, November 13, 2016

LUXEMBURG ~ Old City of Luxembourg - UNESCO

...Beautiful city view coming from one of my closest neighboring countries... ±213 km (132 mi) by road from Brussels... one of the most scenic capital cities in Europe... set on several levels, straddling hills and dropping into the two gorges....Thanks a lot Anne!!ヽ(ヅ)ノ

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a landlocked country in northern Europe surrounded by Belgium,  France and Germany. Per capita, it is the richest country in the EU as well as being one of its smallest. It is largely made up of rolling hills and forests with Luxembourg City as capital.

Because of its strategic position, Luxembourg was, from the 16th century until 1867, when its walls were dismantled, one of Europe's greatest fortified sites.

The Old City of Luxembourg have been a UNESCO WHS since 1994.


Special series Luxembourg’s new Signature
(Issued 15-10-2016)

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