Friday, June 24, 2016

ISLE OF MAN ~ Ramsey ~

Lovely views of  a coastal town on the Isle of Man...a tiny island in the Irish Sea...Thanks a lot James!!
"Ramsey harbour - Mooragh Park - Parliament Street"

Ramsey is the second largest town on the island after Douglas and has one of the biggest harbours. It was formerly one of the main points of communication with Scotland.

Ramsey has also been a route for several invasions by Vikings and Scots. The town is also known as 'Royal Ramsey' due to royal visits from Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1847 followed by King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra in 1907.

The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency, which means that it is technically a possession of the crown directly, not of the UK an it is also not a territory of the UK or of the European Union.


National Heritage
(Issued 03-08-2004)

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