Thursday, December 3, 2015

SRI LANKA ~Dowa Cave Temple-Bandarawela~

...My second "reclining" Buddha view within a week...this one with beautiful colored painted ceiling took more than a month to arrive...Thanks soooo much Ravindra (♥‿♥) for once more a year filled with lots of fantastic surprises in my mailbox showing the history, nature, animals, culture and more beauty of "the pearl in the Indian Ocean" and all of them with great stamps too!!【ツ】
A. Felix J. Perera
Dhowa rock Temple is one of the heritage sites in Sri Lanka, situated in central mountain of Uva province.  It is believed the temple bears a history dating back to about 2000 years, which means its history extends ‘Before Christ’.

View of one of the two large reclining Buddha's under the graphic painted ceiling. The cave  is famous for the beautiful paintings and sculptures that adorn its rock walls.


The 60th Anniversary of the Election Department
(Issued 30-09-2015)
70 Years of United Nations
(Issued 24-10-2015)
The 175th Anniversary of the World's First Postage Stamp- One Penny Black
(Issued 10-10-2015)

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