Friday, July 24, 2015

SRI LANKA ~Watch-hut at Chena Cultivation - Wasgamuwa ~

...Nice view but unfortunately one of the many areas where human-wildlife conflicts take place...there is a constant fight between the people living in these areas and the wild elephants who comes out of the jungle in search for food...Many thanks Ravindra (especially for this interesting information on the back of the card)!!
Photo: Saliya de Fonseka

Chena cultivation is the most primitive type of agriculture known to man from the dawn of civilisation. It involves the clearing of either primeval or second growth of jungle land every year for cultivation of dry-land products This 'chena' cultivation does not make use of the same piece of land and goes on rotation of crops. The 'chena' cultivator cuts down, at regular intervals, the trees of a small jungle land and set fire to the woody growths as far as possible, to begin cultivation.

From these watch-huts farmers watch their cultivated plots in safety from wild animals, especially elephants.


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