Monday, July 27, 2015

MALTA ~ Gozo - Azure Window ~

Spectacular view... impressive waves...  a wonder of nature and one of the islands most famous landmarks ...
Big thanks to Johan for this wonderful holiday postcard!!【ツ】

Gozo is an island of the Maltese archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea and  part of Malta. After the island of Malta itself, it is the second-largest island in the archipelago.

Azure Window is a remarkable geologic feature of the island; it is a natural stone arch that was formed millions of years ago when a limestone cave collapsed.

The Gozitans (inhabitants of Gozo) have always called it it-Tieqa (the Window).

The Azure Window has featured in many films and travelogues. Apart from Game of Thrones (Daenerys and Drogo's Wedding) it also appeared in films such as Clash of the Titans and The Count of Monte Cristo, as well as the television mini-series The Odyssey.


Maltese Flora - Flowers
(Issued 14-02-2015)

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