Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BELGIUM ~ Lucky Luke - The Dalton brothers ~

...More Belgian famous comics...with fantastic stamp and wonderful first day cancellations...Thanks once more Johan for this unique item!!!

Morris (1923-2001) introduced the cowboy parody, Lucky Luke a character who went on to feature in live actions films and US cartoons.

Lucky Luke, the cowboy known to "shoot faster than his shadow". His name is inspired by that of Luciano Locarno, an Italian American sheriff who lived between 1860 and 1940.

The Dalton's  are loosely inspired by the real-life Dalton Gang, and billed as their cousins.

It is one of the most popular and best-selling comic-book series in continental Europe. About half of the series' adventures have been translated into English. Lucky Luke comics have been translated into 23 languages, including many European languages, some African and Asian languages.

Stamp showing "Lucky Luke" from  a sheet of 10 self-adhesive stamps showing ten characters from Morris comics series.

(Issued 13-04-2015)

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