Friday, March 27, 2015

KOSOVO ~ Ulpiana - Novoberda ~

My second card coming from of Europe's 10 smallest countries and most unknown region of the Balkans...Thanks a lot Ruedi!
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Kosovo a is land-locked and mostly mountainous country. It borders Serbia to the north and east, Montenegro to the northwest, Albania to the west, and Macedonia to the south with capital Prishtina. Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in February 2008 which makes it the youngest country in the world.

Ulpiana City is believed to have been founded at the beginning of the second century BC, and it has flourished during the third and fourth century. It is supposed that it covered an area of more than 1000 km and it was located close to the rich mining. Historians believe that natural resources were the reason why this area got conquered by Romans, and remained under their invasion for centuries. Nowadays its ruins can be visited in the territory of Prishtina.

Novoberda was one of the biggest cities in Balkans and had a great importance. It was regarded as one of the richest cities in Balkans because of its natural resources, and  was often called as “the city of silver and gold”. The castle was built on top of a dead volcano crater, whose ruins can still be noticed these days.


Cultural Heritage - Bazaars
(Issued 06-12-2010)


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