Wednesday, September 10, 2014

BELGIUM ~Antwerp - Market Place- Houses of Corporations- Brabo Fountain ~

View of the "Town Square" the heart of the old city and also with special stamp cancellation...during warm summer days most people choose this spot to enjoy a refreshing beer from one of the many terraces...Heel erg bedankt Johan - - voor dit uniek filatelie item!!^^
©Verlag&Designs Simon Sauer
Antwerp is  the capital of the Antwerp province of Belgium located on the river Scheldt. The city has one of the largest seaports in Europe.In the middle of the 'Grote Markt' stands the Brabo fountain.

According to a legend, a terrible giant, called Druoon Antigoon, lived on the banks of the river Scheldt in ancient times. Whenever sailors on the Scheldt river refused to pay toll to the giant, he punished them by cutting off their hand. A Roman soldier, Silvius Brabo, managed to kill the giant. Brabo cut off the hand of the giant and threw the hand away in the river.
According to the legend, the name of the city : hand ( Engl.: hand) -werpen (Engl.: to throw).

Hand of statue Brabo.
With great special postmark!

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  1. this card inspires me to go back and visit antwerp :)