Tuesday, August 19, 2014

POLAND ~ Chojnik Castle-Karkonosze National Park ~

One of the landmarks of the area...must be a real challenge to walk all the way to the top^^...Thanks Ola!

With nice Europe stamp:
Fragment of Polish instrument:
The white wedding Goat.
(Issued 2014-05-05)
©Agencja "Oferta", 2009

Castle Chojnik is located  above the town of Sobieszów in southwestern Poland within the Karkonosze National Park, overlooking the Jelenia Góra valley. The castle  rise up on a granite top (627m above sea level) in the foothills of the Giant Mountains.
In 1675, the castle that has never been conquered burnt down completely after being struck by lightning and was not reconstructed.

In 1964 the Polish state restored the ruins and rebuilt the mountain hut.This 14th-century medieval castle houses a hotel and a restaurant.The Chojnik Castle is visited by more than 60 thousand people annually.


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