Thursday, August 21, 2014

ALGERIA ~Constantine - Sidi M’Cid bridge ~

Great Constantine city view also often referred as the "City of Bridges" ...Thanks a lot Khaled!

(Issued 07-09-2004) and
Wood sculpture
(Issued 27-05-2014)

Constantine is the third largest and capital of Constantine Province in north-eastern Algerian on the banks of the Rhumel River, it owes its ts name to the Roman Emperor Constantine.When it was founded 2,000 years ago on  a plateau surrounded by deep ravines it  was a great place to build, because the city could be easily defended. Since then, Constantine has outgrown the plateau and spilled over into the adjoining areas.

Of the many high bridges that cross the Rhumel River gorge, the highest and most spectacular of all is the Sidi M’Cid suspension bridge. Opened in 1912 and designed by French engineer Ferdinand Arnodin, this  bridge was the highest bridge in the world for 17 years before Colorado’s Royal Gorge bridge opened in 1929. In 2000 the Sidi M’Cid bridge was given a major renovation.


  1. I have seen this bridge with my own eyes. It os truely amazing!

    1. Hello Rick, thanks for visiting...would love to see it myself someday!^^