Monday, August 19, 2013

USA ~National Postal Museum - Owney - Washington~

 Postcard for this Weekends theme - Museum/university/library and I'm glad to share one I really love... ➜ ➜ read more: Connections to the World!

 ...A perfect choice of postcard... nice view from the Postal Museum especially for a postcard and dog lover... with such a lovely story attached... would like to visit it someday... and fantastic special stamp cancellation... Thanks a lot Kathy!! (✿ ♥‿♥)

The National Postal Museum, a Smithsonian Institution museum, is located in the old Post Office building next to Union Station in Washington, D.C. The Museum was created by an agreement between the Smithsonian Institution and the United States Postal Service in 1990 and opened to the public in 1993.

Story about Owney:
A stray mutt wandered into an Albany, New York post office in 1888 and eventually became the unofficial mascot of the Railway Mail Service. He rode with mail mail bags on trains across the country protecting the precious cargo along the way. Railway man clerks attached medals and tags,(when he jogs along, they jingle like the bells on a junk wagon)  to his collar to record the dog's travels and in 1895 Owney traveled with mailbags on steamships to Asia and across Europe.
The story of Owney is told in the exhibition "Mail by Rail" in the museum gallery "Moving the Mail".


Global Forever stamp
(Issued: 28-01-2013)


  1. Britain has a postal museum as well - in London. I would love to visit it one day.

  2. The Smithsonian is one of the museums I'd like to visit one day!
    Now I recall that I received that postmark on a postcard too :)

  3. Interesting story! Thanks for posting about it. I hadn't heard it before.

  4. Hi Gerda, I was totally unaware of a Postal Museum or the pup named Owney. Interesting card and perfect for this week's theme. I think I will go now and read up on the Postal Museum! Thanks for sharing and joining up with the linky.

  5. It goes without saying I would love to visit there and of course get that cancel. I seem to remember a U.S. stamp featuring Owney.

  6. Nice postcard, nice story, and a nice cancellation indeed! Owney for sure, lived a life full of adventure! Thanks for sharing Gerda.