Tuesday, August 20, 2013

FRANCE ~Corsica - Map ~

...First card from Dieter and Eve's holiday through Corsica...a great mapcard showing the touristic highlights of the island... Hope to see more!! Thanks!!

With the common "Marianne Beaujard" stamp.
(Issued 01-07-2011)

Corsica is a french island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia. Mountains comprise two-thirds of the island, forming a single chain. Before French domination, Corsica was under the ownership of the Republic of Genoa.

The French emperor Napoléon Bonaparte was born in 1769 in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio. His ancestral home, Casa Buonaparte, is today used as a museum. The northern town of Calvi claims to be the birthplace of the explorer Christopher Columbus.

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  1. Everytime I read the word, Corsica, I wanna read the novel Count of Monte Cristo all over again. I wish I can have a Corsica map too soon!