Thursday, August 8, 2013

NETHERLANDS ~Flag-Zeelandic Flanders~

...this postard shows the flag of a part of Holland near to Belgium...we also have the black lion in our "Flanders" flag...Bedankt Johan!!

With stamp from the serie ‘Going Green'
with as theme Europe gives green light.
Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Zeelandic Flanders), is the southernmost part of the Dutch Province of Zeeland. The region is separated from the rest of Zeeland by the estuary of the Wester Schelde and has land borders with Belgium only.

The flag is horizontally divided red-white-red-yellow-blue-white-blue and the border between the coloured stripes and the yellow stripe is wavy.
The upper red stripes come form the flag of Sluis, while the lower blue stripes come from the flag of Terneuzen.
The stripes represents the North Sea, the Zwin and Wester Schelde, that is water bordering more than 60% of the region.
The yellow stripe in the middle of the flag is charged with a black lion, recalling the flags of Flanders and Hulst (but, seemingly, without the red tongue and nails).
The colours of the flag also recalls the links of the region with both the Netherlands and Belgium.

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