Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SWEDEN ~ Stockholm Södermalm ~

 ..Fantastic early morning view of one the most difficult European countries to get cards least for me, this is only my second card...So I'm very happy with it!! ^__^ Thanks so much Anja!!

With lovely stamps:
Cookies are the motif on this year’s summer stamps that will carry greetings from a trip, the beach, a tourist destination and a retreat in nature.
(Issued 08-05-2013)

Stockholm is built on an archipelago of islands and inlets.

Södermalm forms the southern district of central Stockholm. Before, Södermalm was known as Åsön. Although Södermalm usually is considered an island, water to both its north and south does not flow freely but passes through locks. Södermalm is connected to its surrounding areas by a number of bridges.


  1. What a beautiful postcard! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I love it too... Thank you for visiting my blog!! ^__^