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...Beautiful sparkling postcard...If only I could choose one of these sooooo wonderful "gems"....I think I would go for a "Star Ruby" or a "Blue Shappire" ^__^...Okay, I girl may dream...Thanks again Ravindra!!

As always nice stamps+this time a set of stickers!
50 Years since First Man in Space - Yuri Gagarin
 (Issued 26-04-2011)


Sri Lanka was also known as Ratna-Dweepa which means Gem Island. The name is a reflection of its natural wealth. Marco Polo wrote that the island had the best sapphires, topazes, amethysts, and other gems in the world.

 Sri Lanka’s wealth of precious stones originates in the ancient rocks of the hill country, from where they are washed down from the mountains in the waters of fast-flowing rivers mixed up with tons of coarse water-borne gravel called illam. A variety of gems are often found together in river bed gem pits including spinels, corundums (sapphire and ruby) and star stones. Aquamarines, tourmalines, topaz, garnets, amethysts, cats’ eyes and zircons are also found. But most outstanding of all are the glistening rubies and sapphires for which Sri Lanka has been one of the oldest sources in the world.

 1. BLUE SAPPHIRE: Sri lanka's Gem supreme, of corn flower blue, is the favorite of fashionable women the world over.
2. CAT'S EYE: The honey yellow and apple green Cat's Eye of lustrous smoothness is extolled for the protection she yields to the wearer.
3. ALEXANDRITE: If you are a connoisseur of the rarest yields from the mysterious depths of earth you will need to possess an Alexandrite.
4. STAR RUBY: The scarlet perfection and it's scintillating beauty adopt to the dream come true in gems.
5. YELLOW SAPPHIRE: Pollen of flowers is her lyrical name is Sinhala. Her delicate yellow makes this description apt.
6. STAR SAPPHIRE: With her azure heart a-gleam with radiant snowy streaks, the star sapphires sparkle brings her owner good luck.
7. AMETHYST: Burnished by nature into a high purplish polish, the Amethyst is a beauty among gems.

Among the famous Sri Lankan gems acclaimed for their beauty and value, in recent times, were the 400 carat Blue Sapphire called "Blue Belle" which adorns the British Crown, and the beautiful star sapphire misnamed the "Star of India" on permanent display in the Museum of Natural History in New York.

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