Monday, June 3, 2013

SRI LANKA ~Uda Walawe National Park~

Another fantastic postcard from Sri Lanka...Postcards showing local wildlife are amongst my favorites (as many other^__^)...not so long ago I received a nice one with elephants from our Belgian zoo...but to see them in their natural environment is sooooo much better!
...I'm a bit jealous to read that you often pass this amazing place...I can only dream about it!! :D
Thanks so much Ravindra!!

And as always with great stamps!!
 Udawalawe National Park, established in the year 1972 is the sixth largest animal sanctuary of Sri Lanka and located 180 km from Colombo in south-central sector of the island.

 Udawalawe is the best place in Sri Lanka to see wild Asian Elephants throughout the year (and other rare plants and wildlife): there are about 500 elephants in the park and they often roam in herds of up to 100.

 The Udawalawe Elephant Transfer Home is an Elephant orphanage located within the Udawalawe National Park. Established in 1995 by the Department of wildlife Conservation, it is home to over 40 orphaned elephants. Once they are released to the park, the Park authorities take upon themselves to keep constant track of the beasts till they get used to the new life in the wild. As at the year 2008, no less than sixty-five elephants had been released to the jungle.


  1. Ik wou dat wij zo'n kleurrijke postzegels hadden. En weer zo'n mooie kaart, vind olifanten eigenlijk wel schattig.

    1. Ook al zijn het zulke enorme beesten toch hebben olifanten een hoge aaibaarheidsfactor vind ik...Ga deze zomer zeker naar Planckendael om hun nieuwe verblijf te bezoeken!!:D

  2. Beautiful card and stamps!