Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BELGIUM ~Ringed plover- Andre Buzin~

Beautiful bird postcard showing the "Ringed plover" by the famous Belgian artist Andre Buzin and fantastic stamp cancellation. He is a Belgian bird stamp designer, and regularly cooperates with nature conservation organization where a percentage of his stamp souvenirs are fund-raising for certain nature projects. Thanks a million Johan for sending me "again "  a soooooo special and unique item!!!^__^

 A special stamp cancellation was available with a temporary post office on 25-05-2013 and signed by the artist itself!!

To celebrate  20 years "Vlaamse Gaai" S.P.A.B. (study group of the Birds of André Buzin).

The ringed plover is a small short-legged wading bird.
It is brownish grey above and whitish below.
Their breeding habitat is open gravel areas near freshwater, including gravel pits, islands and river edges in Europe and western Asia.
These birds forage for food on muddy areas, usually by sight and eat insects and worms.
They are migratory and winter in Africa.

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