Friday, April 26, 2013

VIETNAM ~Hanoi-Tower of the Temple of Literature - UNESCO~

...Wonderful view of one of Hanoi's most famous ancient  landmarks... this picture has an air of tranquility about it...Vietnamese women wearing their traditional "Ao Dai" costumes (the national costume of women in the country) looks very simple, but so elegant!! Thanks a lot Jo for another beautiful postcard of Vietnam!! 

With a great variety of wonderful stamps!

The Temple of Literature, founded in 1070, was a temple to Confucius. It was also Viet Nam’s first university and functioned for more than 700 years, from 1076 to 1779, educating the country's nobles, royalty, mandarins and other elite. Those who graduated had their names engrave on the stone stelae that sit on large stone turtles in the temple.

The temple consists of a series of 5 landscaped courtyards. The first two are primarily gardens. The third one has a lotus pond and the Stella. The final courtyard holds the shrine to Confucius.


  1. That's an amazing card. I'm not a fan of humans on my postcards, but this one I wouls like to get!

  2. great card, and ohh the stamps...!