Wednesday, April 24, 2013

SRI LANKA ~Betel Nut Palms and Paddy field ~

...And travelling from a dry desert to... a beautiful  lush tropical tree forest with rice fields in front is in "postcardworld"^__^ soooo easy... Noticed immediately the really "thin" trunk, I wonder how one harvests those nuts???......Another wonderful view sent by my dear friend Ravindra...Thanks a lot!!!

With nice stamp: 2013 International Scout Jamboree
 (Issued 18-02-2013)

©Dominic Sansoni

  The Betel Nut Palm is a very graceful palm with a narrow, deeply ringed trunk, growing 10-20m tall. Foliage is a beautiful deep dark green and flowers are fragrant and white. Flowers are followed by egg-size fruits of about 50mm long. Mature leaves fall off by themselves, making this a self-cleaning palm. The fruit of this palm, the Betel nut or Areca nut is supposed to have digestive and anti-depressant properties but could be addictive and toxic. It is often chewed throughout some Asian and Pacific countries (It is estimated that about 50,000 tonnes of betel nut are consumed annually for chewing with Paan all over the world.)

Areca catechu is fairly fast growing, gaining ½ m/year in height in best conditions (requires moist soil). First flowers can be borne at 4 years old, and first nuts at 7 years


  1. Hey Gerda, do you know where about in Sri Lanka was this photo taken?

    1. Hi Erik,
      It wasn't mentioned on the I have no idea! :(

    2. ohh, pity! do you have perhaps any idea where in Sri Lanka grow the most gorgeous plantations of Betel nut palms? and which are possible to "visit" ? thx!

    3. I would search on the internet for a travel agency of Sri Lanka and ask there! :D