Monday, March 4, 2013


...WOW!! A new country of which you not often see mail from...a dry and hot looking desert view (would love to know more about what the postcard shows)...Thanks so much Manu for this  written and stamped card of a very "rare" and unique place!!

Lovely stamp "Fauna Banc d'Arguin National Park" UNESCO
showing a fox. (Isssued 2011)

 Mauritania , officially the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, is a country in northwest Africa. It borders the Atlantic Ocean, Senegal, Mali, and Algeria. It also shares a border with the Morocco - controlled Western Sahara region. It's capital and largest city is Nouakchott, on the Atlantic coast. Mauritania gained its independence from France in November of 1960.


  1. At first I wasn't very interested in stamps (only the view of the postcard) but now I'm more and more fond of the stamps...there is such a large variety of beautiful stamps on so many subjects!

  2. wow this is such a treat! also love the stamp - fennek is one of the cutest creatures on earth <3