Tuesday, March 5, 2013

FINLAND ~Berries-Lapland~

Lovely and colorful wild berries postcard, the "fruits" of Lapland!!(FI-1675851) Thanks a lot Petra!!

Sweet self adhesive stamp: Valentine's Day
Animals living in the world of colors and candies. (Issued 21-01-2013)
The climate of Lapland (the Arctic far north of Finland)creates special growth conditions for berries and the sunlight nights in the summer give them strong aroma.  The sun shines 70 days and nights continuously in Lapland. About 50 different berries are found in Finland and 37 of them are eatable. The most valuable berries are lingonberry, bilberry, raspberry, cranberry, buckthorn and crowberry. But only few percent of wild berries are picked and used yearly.

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  1. Interesting facts about the berries. Postcards and stamps from Finland are some of my favorites.