Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CANADA ~Jasper Forest Reserve-Alberta~

...A really big size card with a great view of the past (photo probably taken after 1871 and before 1907)..with a lot of information about its history  on the back.... "Bi-annual mail" delivery...sounds horrible for us snail mail lovers!! :D Thanks Susan ( CA-318501)

With a set nice stamps!

1811-Explorer David Thompson created a route over Althabasca Pass to the Pacific Ocean. Bi- annual fur brigades exchanged mail, supplies and furs via the pass
1813- The north West Company built an outpost on Brûlé Lake, the last shelter before the pass.
1817- The outpost was run by Jasper Hawles.
1825- Another outpost was built on the Athabasca River near Jasper Lake. It was located at a strategic trail junction, there were places to winter horses nearby. For almost half a century "Jasper's House" was the main stop for all fur traders using Athabasca and an important meeting place for travels, adventues and explorers.
1907- Jasper National, the largest  national park in Canada was established. (13.000sq. km)
1909- "Jasper House" was gone and the era of fur traders was replaced by the age of steam engines.


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    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting and your nice comments, it really made me smile^^ I discovered so many new great places of which I never heard of through my collection postcards! It is such a great hobby.

      Visited your website too...Looks also a fantastic place and in a beautiful setting... Wish I could go there someday!

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