Thursday, December 20, 2012

MALYSIA ~Borneo-Sabah~

...Wonderful turtle postcard...besides whales they are one of my most favorite sea creatures...must be amazing to see them in the ocean and watch them legging their eggs!! Many thanks SL!!

With great matching green turtle stamp from a set of three (Issued 15-07-2010) "treatened habitats".(it's so sad to see the dying turtle in the fishing net:(

The state of Sabah is located in the Northern most portion of the island of Borneo. Sabah Parks has created a marine park around three islands in the Sulu Sea about 40 km North of Sandakan, which is important areas for the breeding of the Green Turtle.

This turtle is the second largest of the seven species of sea turtle. Like most of them, the green turtle has been hunted by human for flesh, eggs and shell. The green turtle spends most of its live in the sea. The females come a shore to lay their eggs for only a very short time. From 1000 eggs, just one or two survive their first year. There are either eaten by fish, birds or other sea creatures.

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