Wednesday, October 24, 2012

BRAZIL ~Gramado-Main Gate~

...Mostly we see Brazil as the land of white sandy beaches, samba and tropical temperatures...not expecting a wintery snow view.:D(BR-230541) Thanks Guilherme and Mirna!!

With nice stamps: Sapateiro (making shoes) 2005
Trumpet 2002
Theme Sport (Soccer): The Road to the 2014 World Cup (Issued 4-04-2009)
Entrance gate to Gramado
Gramado was originally settled in 1875 by Portuguese immigrants. Five years later, the first German immigrants arrived and these were followed shortly after by Italian immigrants.
The city is located at the mountains of Rio Grando de Sum State, southern Braziland and is the most important city for tourism of the south region.Gramado is one of the towns along the scenic route known as Rota Romântica.(Romantic Route)

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