Monday, September 10, 2012

FRANCE ~Reunion - Cirque of Mafate~

... Got a new place to ad to my collection!! An amazing and overwhelming nature view of a "paradise" island La Reunion... a breathtaking scenery... ...I had never heard of this island...
The cirque of Mafate must be the ultimate dream destination for walkers...140km hiking trails, no acces with a car... Not many places like this still exist on our planet...
The first card from a new place is always special... so Thanks a million Marion!!:D

It is an overseas department of France, therefrom the French stamps used on the card. Tropical fish stamp "Imperial Angelfish" (issued 25-04-2012)
Reunion Island is a French tropical island located approximately 500 miles from Madagascar. The island features the highest mountain in the Indian Ocean, sparkling waterfalls, lush forests, sandy deserts, deep canyons and the world's most active volcano as well as 17 miles of beaches.

Located in the northwest portion of Reunion Island, the beautiful Cirque de Mafate is totally surrounded by mountains. This rugged and wild cirque is the only one of the island's three natural amphitheatres that's accessible only on foot or by helicopter.

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