Friday, August 31, 2012

UKRAINE ~Crimea-The Fortress Chembalo~

...Another fortress today (UA-335349)... Even though there are only ruins left...the view over the Baltic Sea from the fortress must still be stunning... Thanks Dasha!!

With lovely stamps: UEFA EURO 2012 (Issued 01-06-2012) and two from Definitive (leaves & seeds)set (Issued 03-02-2012)
The fortress of Cembalo is located atop Kastron mountain on the Crimean coast and dates back to XIV.
It is one of the major landmarks of Balaklava and an important historic site.

Through the centuries it has been an outpost of various battles: from The Ottoman Empire attacks in XV through the short Balaklava Greek battalion defence in 1854, in the course of the Crimean War, and up to the continuous Soviet defence from the Nazi in 1941-42, during the World War II.

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