Thursday, August 23, 2012

RUSSIA ~St. Petersburg-The Transfiguration Cathedral~

Great official (RU-1135528)... St Petersburg is certainly known by the number and variety of beautiful churches... Lots of them are on postcards!! Thans Olya!!

With two nice stamps:
(Issued July 10 2009) For 100th Anniversary of the Birth of M.L.Mil (1909-1970), designer of the Mi-28 Helikopter.
The second stamp shows Afanasy Lavrentievich Ordin-Naschokin (1605–1680) one of the greatest Russian statesmen of the 17th C.(issued October 21 2011)
The cathedral was ordered to be built by empress Elizabeth of Russia and was built from 1743 to 1754, designed by architect Mikhail Zemtsov.Between 1825 and 1829 it was rebuilt by the architect Vasily Stasov in the Empire style, just as it can be seen today.
The Cathedral of the Lord's Transfiguration of all the Guards is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral and has the rare distinction of never being closed by the Soviets.

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