Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NEW ZEALAND~North Canterbury~

Received two breathtaking views of New Zealand today... Both so different and awesome landscapes...fresh green looking farmland with sheeps and not a house as far as the eye can see... Thanks a lot Kati!!

With interesting stamp:
New Zealand and Samoa share a special relationship that
is underpinned by the 1962 Treaty of Friendship. 2012 marks
50 years of this important partnership, and New Zealand Post
is celebrating with a unique stamp issue.
Each of the stamps features a contemporary view of selu tuiga
or 'head comb' - a traditional Samoan headdress that is worn at important occasions.
An afternoon in North Canterbury with the Kaikoura Mountains in the distance.

Canterbury is New Zealand's largest region by area, with an area of 45,346 km². The region is traditionally bounded in the north by the Conway River and to the west by the Southern Alps. The southern boundary is the Waitaki River.


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