Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ROMANIA ~ Transylvania-Cluj-Napoca~

Impressive statue in a wonderful setting and people's meeting place on the main square... Thanks Raluca!

Nice stamp issued February 2012
from the Economyv& Industry theme.
(Banknote portraits-Nicolae Grigorescu)
The city is located in Northern Transylvania, on Somes River and is the capital of Transylvania.Today it’s a very important academic center with 12 universities.

The equestrian statue of King Matthias, the Hungarian renaissance king (1458-1490) stands in front of the Saint Michael churc. The sculpture, by János Fadrusz, was erected in 1902 and stands in the front of the Saint Michael church on the main square of Kolozsvár. Since this statue poses as a national and ethnic symbol for the Hungarians in Transylvania, the chauvinistic Rumanian administration made several attempts to destroy it using all sorts of reasons...

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