Saturday, July 21, 2012

NETHERLANDS ~Zeeland-North Sea~

A day trip to Zeeland... Enjoying the only "sunny" day of this week on the beautiful coast of Holland, our nearest neighbour...I just love our wonderful North Sea!!:D:D
(...must say today has a sunny start and the weather should be better from now one... We can only hope!!)
Formed by the North Sea, rivers and man, the province of Zeeland posesses the most authentic and varied coast territory of the country. Between the Zeeland islands, a number of sea arms twist through the landscape: the Westerschelde, Oosterschelde, Grevelingenmeer and Haringvliet.
In the west, we find at the North Sea coast a natural defense; the dunes. Together with the salt marshes between the islands the dunes and the beach form the major part of the natural landscape of Zeeland.

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