Thursday, March 15, 2012

SRI LANKA ~Snake-Charmer~

Something totally different from the last card arrived today... A wonderful card and a new aspect of Sri Lanka's culture...This is one of the parts why I love collecting postcards so much!!
...I've only seen "snake-charmers" on TV but it always fascinated me, the interaction between a man and snake... I'm just a little bit concerned about the life this snakes have,I hope they are treated well... Thank you very much Ravindra!!:D:D

With again two nice stamps!!

Snake charmers have always been part of the mysterious cultures of Sri Lanka. This is hardly surprising to those who have a knowledge of the mystical practices of some sects of Hinduism, since the cobra has long been revered as something of a god which must be treated with respect and even worshipped, or it will bring down the wrath of the gods and great harm will befall the non-believers.

The snake does not really dance to the tune of the charmer"s flute. All snakes have a very poor sense of hearing since they have no external ear or eardrum. However, the inner ear is well developed and the snake may be able to pick up the flute"s vibrations along the ground, even if it cannot hear them through the air.

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