Monday, March 19, 2012

ANTIGUA and BARBUDA ~English Harbour~

Amazing view... Crystal clear blue water ... Beautiful beaches...Wonderful nature...Pleasant year-round climate... Looks like paradise on earth!!:D:D Bedankt Gilles!!

English Harbour, so named because it was the Carribean base of the British Navy in the 18th C. Admiral Nelson chose it because of its "hurricane-proof" inner harbour and the commanding view of its approaches from Shirmey Heights where this picture was taken.

Antigua is the larger island of the nation Antigua and Barbuda. It lies roughly 17 degrees north of the equator in the middle of the Leeward Islands in the Carribean. Antigua, the largest of the English-speaking Leeward Islands, is about 14 miles long and 11 miles wide capital St. John's.

 Lovely stamp from a set of thirteen stamps about plants, flowers and trees showing the Mesquite tree.

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