Friday, February 3, 2012

SRI LANKA ~Vegetable Seller~

Yippie!! I've got mail today!:D:D It's hard for a "postcardlover" going every morning to your mailbox and to find nothing in it for more than a week...
But thanks to Ravindra I received this wonderful local vegetable stall..(I already have one postcard of a fruit stall).Some of them I recognize but most of them are completely new for me...The green ones just by the foot of the lady are callled "Ladies Fingers" and they seem to be delicious!
...With in Belgium temperatures from around -10° celsius this exotic card feels a bit strange and I know where I would want to be right now!:D:D Thanks a lot Ravindra!!

I do love the train stamps!!

Agriculture is the most common vocation of the Sri Lankans, and about eighty (80) different varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown in Sri Lanka’s varied agro-climatic areas. Most of this vegetables are specialy grown in the dry zone of Sri Lanka.

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