Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SRI LANKA ~Stilt Fishermen-Ahangama~

A new great postcard from Sri Lanka for my collection... Something I've never seen...My first thought was ...why don’t they use nets?? It looks a really uncomfortable position, sitting on poles fixed in the coral reef and balancing on a height of about two meters, but it seems to be a centuries-old tradition!
By searching for information about this strange looking way of fishing I found that by using nets the fish could get disturbed and may disappear.
Many Thanks Ravindra!! (Hoping to find some of your favorites soon.:D)

With a set of lovely stamps!!They have such a large variety of beautiful stamps...

A few kilometres beyond Koggala, the town of Ahangama is famous for having the greatest concentration of stilt fishermen along the entire coast.The tradition is passed on from father to son and with it the particular skills of each fishing family.
Though they may be beautiful to look at, stilt fishermen have it rough. They spend hours sitting on a thin plank, hoping to catch one or two fish about 5 cm-long, that they sell for about 2 cents each. The rough waves keep the big fish away, so they sometimes have to settle for te smallest catch. But it’s a small price to pay in order to preserve centuries-old traditions.

Stilt fishing had disappeared after the devastating tsunami that hit the country and other parts of the Indian Ocean, but soon the people returned to their customs, and now you can spot them sitting on their uncomfortable stilts, hoping to catch something.


  1. wow this is a great postcard. I love it.

  2. Hi Ivi,
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    I love this card too...But each card I've received shows something typical or interesting about new places...