Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SRI LANKA ~Vatadage-Polonnaruwa-UNESCO-11/11/11 Cancellation~

Received a wonderful example of religious Budhist architecture,a "Vatadage" (meaning round relic house) and is one of the oldest and most beautiful monuments of Polonnaruwa...

Just in case you planning a trip (whish I could say that :D)
...I found this on the intenet:it is forbidden to take photograph of persons with their back towards a Buddha statue in many places in Sri Lanka, including at Polonnaruwa, as a sign of respect for the Buddha!!! Always good to know... Thanks a lot Ravindra!!

Whith lovely stamps!And the card has the cancellation of the unique date 11/11/11 and to be sure... it is not once but three times postmarked!!! Unfortunately as Rememberance day is a National Holidy our postoffices where all closed...

Buddhism was introduced in Sri Lanka in 247 BC. Ancient cities like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa have historical importance.
Vatadage Temple, in Polonnaruwa, is a uniquely Sri Lankan circular shrine enclosing a small dagoba. The vatagage has a three-tiered conical roof, spanning a height of 40–50 feet, without a center post, and supported by pillars of diminishing height.It was part of a monastery which flourished in Polonnaruwa when the capital was still at Anuradhapura.

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